Honor, Courage, Commitment

Hall County Commission - District 4


I will conduct myself in the Highest Ethical Manner at all times.


I vow to have the Courage to meet the demands of the office.


I will be Committed to the citizens of my District and Hall County.


I believe that the County Commission can do more for its citizens by not interfering with the free market and local businesses.


If Government is taking more money that means citizens are losing dollars from their paychecks. Government should share the same fiscal values as its citizens - live within its means. Government has no money - they are stewards of the people’s money - it shouldn’t be wasted.


I want to make the District and Hall County business friendly by working to create a community that protects our existing industry and creates an environment for new economic growth.

Contact Me

Troy Phillips
(678) 316-7834


About Us

-Phillips is a 10 Combat Veteran of the United States Navy, serving in the Persian Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

-A Graduate of Colorado Technical University with a Masters in Criminal Justice Management

- 8-year Law Enforcement veteran - A 1988 Graduate of Johnson High School

- Phillips has been married to Heather deAmber Martin Phillips for 9 years.